Around the World with my JP Guitar Tool
"My JP Guitar Tool is an indispensable part of my everyday life as a working musician. I highly recommend it for anyone who ever deals with changing guitar strings!"
  1. -Timothy B. Schmit: The Eagles

"Tough durable and a must for all guitar and bass techs. I take mine everywhere!!!"

- Gavin Menzies: Guitar Tech for Billy Idol, Prince, Steve Stevens,

Cher Steve Lukather, Heart

“The Journeyman Guitar Tool cuts like a hot knife through butter

and the additional tools located in the handles are a huge bonus!"

- Adam Reiver: Floyd Rose Guitars.

“This tool is the most versatile and durable all-in-one tool I’ve ever used”
  1. -Tracy Longo: The Guitar Tech Corner.

"The JP Guitar Tool takes the place of so many tools in my work case. Truly awesome!”

  1. -Keith “Moose” Douglass: Guitar/backline tech for Mudvayne and Train.

"The JP Guitar Tool Rocks! Its like having a tool box full of guitar gadgets packed into your shirt pocket! What incredible piece of workmanship!"

- Jeff Pevar: guitarist w/ CSN Ray Charles, CPR Jackson Brown,

Joe Cocker etc.

"Whether your a pro touring tech or just picking up the guitar for the first time as player, the JP Guitar Tool is a must to have! It's the all in one stop for everything you need to work on a guitar. From a string cutter to a bridge pin puller, it's ALL there! No more hunting for tools, the JP Guitar Tool has it all!"

-Chet Haun, Guitar Tech for Dan Estrin of Hoobastank, Gus G. Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Just Derrico of Pink, John 5 of Rob Zombie

Kevin Allen, guitar tech for Coheed and Cambria.

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"I love it. the only thing to make it better would be a string winder with a motor!"

-Jody Harris: Guitar tech for Brad Paisley.

”The JP Guitar Tool is the best string change and guitar setup tool. I absolutely love it. It fits right in my guitar cases.”

-Tommy Bolan front man of the band N.Y.C. and guitarist formerly with Richie Ramone, Freight Train Jane, Warlock.

"In all my years in this business, this tool is the FINEST of it's kind... Superb!"

-Eric McKenna: Boggie Street Worldwide Guitar Sales.

"The JP Guitar Tool has replaced 4 of my guitar tools. My biggest regret is that I only got one of them. With my guitar collection, studio, and touring set ups, I actually need about 5 more. I'm lost without it. Could I please get 5 more Magical Fantastical JP Guitar Tools tools?"

-Randy Bachman: The Guess Who Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Ringo Starr all Starr Band, Bachman-Cummings Band, Randy's Jazzthing.

“I love it; everything you need all in one tool”

- Nick Catanese: Guitar Black Label Society.

”Your only as strong as your weakest link. Don't let your weak link be a suitcase full of tools when a JP Guitar Tool can fit in your pocket

or guitar case.” - Nick Hartman: Zilch guitar player and backing vocals.

“The JP Guitar Tool is a must have for all guitarists. It’s very easy to use and provides every tool that you could ever use. It’s the SWISS ARMY knife for guitar players! It goes with me everywhere!”

- Eric Mantel: Guitar Virtuoso, Chicago Guitar Legend, Recording Artist, Clinician, Instructor, Singer and Songwriter


Testimonies about the JP Guitar Tool:

“I have been a fan of the JP GUITAR TOOL for many years. Before I purchased the JP GUITAR TOOL, I used to have to take my big, bulky tool box on fly shows. Now, I just take my Guitar Tool in my suitcase. No extra box to carry and I can keep it in the pouch right on my belt once I get to the gig. I have taken my JP GUITAR TOOL all over the world, too. It was the only tool I took (other than a tuner) on my USO tour in the Middle East and Iraq. I had it all over South America, Europe, Japan and Australia. I am about to take it around the States with me again and back to Australia by the end of the year. I use it every show. I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ again. It never let me down, not once.”

-Fred Kowalo: world renown guitar tech for Megadeth, Boogie Street Guitars Store, and formerly Alice In Chains’ Mike Inez, and Shine Down’s Jason Todd, and Zakk Wylde.

I own a JP Guitar Tool because I still love to work on my own guitars. My guitar tech has a box full of tools but he keeps a JP Guitar Tool on his belt at all times. Its an essential for any working guitarist or guitar tech."
  1. -Brad Paisley


The Best Guitar String Changing and Setup Tool.

"I love the JP Guitar Tool! It will be gigging with me for a very long time!"
  1. -Willie G: Guitar tech for Megadeath and Nevermore


"I love my JP Guitar Tool. it hasn't left my side since I got it!"

-Chad Weaver: Guitar/backline tech for Brad Paisley band

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