1. The best all in one tool! 

  2. A must have for any guitar or bass player!

  3. Spring-action string cutter, pliers

  4. Carbide steel blade

  5. Stainless steel housing

  6. Hardened steel hex/allen wrenches 0.05 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm

  7. Philips and flathead screw drivers

  8. Bridge pin puller for acoustic guitar string changes

  9. Compatible with Floyd RoseTM

  10. Protective nylon sheath case with belt loop

"It is an essential for any working guitarist or guitar tech!"

-Brad Paisley: Country music star

"I love the JP Guitar Tool! It will be gigging with me for a very long time!"
- Willie G: Guitar tech for Megadeath and Nevermore

Available online and in stores

The JP Guitar Tool is for sale at your local music store and online.

Worldwide Shipping:

  1. Guitar Center

  2. Musician’s Friend

  3. Alfred Music Publishing

  4. JW Pepper

  5. Sheet Music Plus

Australia & Asia Pacific Islands

  1. Grevillea Distribution


  1. B&J Music Ltd. KMC Music Inc.

  2. tel. (905) 896-3001

United Kingdom

  1. Alfred UK /Faber Music

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The Best Guitar String Changing and Setup Tool.